This week we caught up with Padraic Clarke, on life as St Patricks Club Captain

Name - Padraic Clarke

Age - 23

Height - 6ft1

Position - Full Forward

What does it mean to be Club Captain for St Patricks?
Its an honour to be captain of a club with such a great history and a bright future

Has the position as Captain influenced your own game in any way?
Yes, I think it has thought me to be more of a team player! (not a glory)

How would you describe yourself (as a footballer) in three words?
Determined, skillfull, athletic

What are your personal Goals be as a Footballer?
Keep practising the basic skills of the game...improving weaker foot...catching clean ball...improve my tackling

How would you describe the current First team at the moment?
At the moment, the team has a nice blend of youth and experience with a great team spirit, still with a lot to improve on and learn.

As a young fella, who would have been your idol and you looked up to most?
Players like Jarlath fallon and Ciaran mcdonald I admired because of their unbelievable levels of skill.

And finally, have you any advice for young footballers coming through to St Patricks senior panel?
Keep working hard and keep your feet on the ground as there is always room for improvement.

Now The Important stuff...

On the training field, who's hardest worker?
My good friend Colin Keane

Who's fittest? 
Again it goes to the Chunk (Colin)

Who's the laziest? 
Paul "the opener" Boland

Who's the best craic? 
Paul Augustine Gussy CGS Clarke

Who's the most serious? 
The awwww county player James Clarke

Who's he hardest marked?
Enda Connolly

Most Technically gifted?
The Jazz

Worst dressed?

Best dressed?
Paul no style Boland

Best dancer?
I have fairly unbeleivabe dance moves

Worst dancer?
Colin Keane

Biggest show off?
Brian Keane

Longest in the shower?
Patrick Farrell