Sligo GAA History & Roll of Honour



The Sligo County Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Cumann Luthchleas Gael Coiste Contae Sligeach or Sligo GAA is one of the 32 county boards of the GAA in Ireland, and is responsible for Gaelic games in County Sligo. The county board is also responsible for the Sligo inter-county teams.

With a much smaller population than either County Galway or County Mayo, the two dominant forces in the province, together with competing interests of soccer in the county's capital town, Sligo has never been able to break free of the shackles inherent in the provincial championship format and has a paltry three Connacht championships to its name (1928, 1975 and 2007). In 1922 Sligo defeated Galway in the Connacht Final (played in 1923) and subsequently defeated Tipperary to qualify for the All-Ireland Final. However a Galway objection forced the Connacht decider to be replayed, which Sligo lost. The same fate occurred in the inaugural National Football League campaign of 1926, Sligo beat Laois to reach the final, but Laois objected and won the replay, making Sligo unique in having qualified for All-Ireland and National League finals, but never having contested either. Since the introduction of the "back-door" system in the All Ireland championship in 2001, Sligo football has enjoyed noteworthy if modest success. The new format together with a prolonged period of competing in Division 1 of the national league saw an upward turn in the county's fortunes. In 2002, having narrowly lost the Connacht final to then All-Ireland Champions Galway, Sligo went on to defeat Tyrone in Croke Park turning over a seven point deficit in one of the matches of the decade. A similar comeback against eventual All-Ireland champions Armagh two weeks later set the county and the championship alive and after Sligo had legitimate claims for a penalty in injury time of the replay turned down, Armagh went on to win the 2002 championship. Despite its poor historical record, the new championship format has seen Sligo achieve the status of respectability on the national stage in the past decade with improvement noticeable across all grades in the county. On 8 July 2007, Sligo won the Connacht Senior Football Championship following a one point victory over Galway. This was their first time to win the Championship since 1975.

The county Vocational Schools team have made it to two All Irelands finals in 1962 and 1963 but lost both to Dublin City

Four  Sligo players have won All-Stars - Mickey Kearins  (1971 - St. Pats), Barnes Murphy (1974 - St. Mary's), Eamon O Hara (2002 - Tourlestrane), and Charles Harrison (2010 - St. Johns).

Sligo club football is not dominated by any single team with no back to back winners since St. Patrick's achieved that feat in 1988-1989.

Gaelic football

Club football

Tubbercurry are the most successful team in the history of the Club Championships in Sligo, with nineteen Senior titles to their name. They also lead the roll of honour for the Minor and Under-21 Championships. The last of these was won in 1991, and the South Sligo town has enjoyed little success since.

St. Marys are Sligo's most successful club team in the Provincial and All-Ireland club series with 3 Connacht titles to their name (1977, 1980 and 1983). They also won the All-Ireland sevens title in 1980. They, along with Tubbercurry, dominated the club scene in Sligo over a fifteen-year period (1976-1991), with St. Mary's claiming eight Championships, to Tubber's three. The pairing contested the final on eight occasions, including five in succession (1983-1987), and these finals were tense and heated encounters. Despite being the most celebrated club in the county St. Mary's remain one of the worst supported sides due to the dominance of soccer in Sligo town.

In recent years St. Mary's has lost their strangehold on the county championship with Eastern Harps, Curry and Tourlestrane all claiming the Owen B. Hunt Cup over the past decade. Other notable Senior teams in the next tier include Coolera, Buninadden, St. Johns & Easkey.

In 2005, Coolera/Strandhill won its first Senior title in 98 years, having narrowly lost the 2000 final to Bunninadden who at that time had not won a title in 109 years.

Inter County Football

In July 2007 Sligo won their 3rd ever Connacht Championship beating Galway by a single point. Previous to this they had beaten Roscommon and New York.

Football Honors

Connacht Senior Football Championship: 3 - 1928,1975,2007

Connacht Junior Football Championship: 7 - 1926,1928,1935,1956,1973,1998,2005

Connacht Minor Football Championship: 2 - 1949,1968.

All-Ireland Junior Championships: 1 - 1935. 2010


Sligo have not been considered a traditionally strong team in senior hurling, with the county's most notable achievements being an appearance in the All-Ireland Junior final in 1968, and the National League Division 3 title in 2005, In 2008, Sligo finally tasted All-Ireland success, albeit at the Third Tier level, when they claimed the Nicky Rackard Cup, the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship for Tier Three (developing) hurling counties. Sligo have done extremely well but did not get promoted due to losing playoff with Roscommon.


  • Sligo Senior Football Championship

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    The Sligo Senior Football Championship is an annual Gaelic Athletic Association club competition between the top Sligo clubs.

    The winners of the Sligo Senior Championship qualify to represent the county in the Connacht Club Championship and in turn, go on to the All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship.

    Tubbercurry remain the most successful club, having won the Championship on 19 occasions, the last in 1991. Eastern Harps won the 2010 competition, defeating Tourlestrane to win their seventh title.

    The trophy presented to the winners is the Owen B. Hunt Cup, which was first presented for the 1953 final.

    Top winners

    TeamWinnerWinning YearsLast Losing Final
    1Tubbercurry191890, 1917, 1918, 1924, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1934, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1946, 1950, 1951, 1955, 1957, 1976, 198619912008
    2St. Mary's101977, 1979198019811983198419851987199620012004
    3Tourlestrane91956, 197819821994199719992004200720092010
    4St. Patrick's, Dromard71968197019711973, 1974, 198819891992
    Eastern Harps7197519931995199820022008, 20102009
    6Curry61889, 1922, 20062003197219642005
    Ballisodare61931, 1932, 1960, 1961, 1962, 19631957
    8Easkey51935, 1936, 1937, 1941, 19661999
    9Craobh Rua41944, 1952, 1953, 19541975
    Ballymote41892, 1905, 1925, 19481966
    11Collooney Harps31942, 1943, 19651927
    Sligo Wanderers31909, 1910, 1913None
    13Coolera/Strandhill21907, 20052002
    Bunninadden21891, 20002006
    Shamrock Gaels2199019921994
    Sooey21949, 19591962
    Skreen21945, 19471948
    Knocklassa21915, 19331943
    Enniscrone21914, 19161972
    Sligo Emmets11888None
    Roll of Honour
    2010Eastern Harps 0-13Tourlestrane 0-10
    2009Tourlestrane 1-08Eastern Harps 0-07
    2008Eastern Harps 1-16Tubbercurry 1-08
    2007Tourlestrane 1-09Eastern Harps 0-10
    2006Curry 1-15Bunninadden 2-09
    2005Coolera/Strandhill 0-10Curry 0-09
    2004Tourlestrane 1-08, 2-09 (R)St. Mary's 2-05, 2-04 (R)
    2003Curry 0-11Eastern Harps 0-08
    2002Eastern Harps 0-09, 0-12 (R)Coolera/Strandhill 0-09, 0-08 (R)
    2001St. Mary's 1-11Curry 0-11
    2000Bunninadden 2-07Coolera/Strandhill 0-11
    1999Tourlestrane 1-11Easkey 1-09
    1998Eastern Harps 0-09Tourlestane 0-06
    1997Tourlestrane 0-16Eastern Harps 0-08
    1996St. Mary's 2-09Eastern Harps 0-14
    1995Eastern Harps 2-14Tubbercurry 0-10
    1994Tourlestrane 2-07Shamrock Gaels 0-08
    1993Eastern Harps 0-12Tubbercurry 1-08
    1992Shamrock Gaels 2-11St. Patrick's, Dromard 0-08
    1991Tubbercurry 1-08St. Mary's 1-07
    1990Shamrock Gaels 3-07Curry 0-07
    1989St. Patrick's, Dromard 0-11Tubbercurry 0-10
    1988St. Patrick's, Dromard 2-6Tubbercurry 0-11
    1987St. Mary's 1-07Tubbercurry 1-06
    1986Tubbercurry 1-11St. Mary's 0-10
    1985St. Mary's 0-9, 0-8 (R), 1-8 (2ndR)Tubbercurry 0-9, 2-2 (R), 1-3 (2ndR)
    1984St. Mary's 0-07Tubbercurry 0-03
    1983St. Mary's 2-09Tubbercurry 1-05
    1982Tourlestrane 2-09St. Patrick's, Dromard 2-06
    1981St. Mary's 2-09Eastern Harps 0-04
    1980St. Mary's 8-07Eastern Harps 1-07
    1979St. Mary's 0-13Tubbercurry 1-04
    1978Tourlestrane 2-07Grange 0-07
    1977St. Mary's 1-08St. Patrick's, Dromard 0-05
    1976Tubbercurry 2-05St. Mary's 0-10
    1975Eastern Harps 1-08Craobh Rua 0-05
    1974St. Patrick's, Dromard 0-09Tourlestrane 2-02
    1973St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-10Craobh Rua 0-08
    1972Curry 1-10Enniscrone 0-05
    1971St. Patrick's, Dromard 2-16Tubbercurry 1-05
    1970St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-13Mullinabreena 1-05
    1969Collooney/Ballisodare 1-09St. Patrick's, Dromard 2-05
    1968St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-08Easkey 1-02
    1967Collooney/Ballisodare 1-03, 1-06 (R)Easkey 0-06, 1-05 (R)
    1966Easkey 1-08Ballymote 0-02
    1965Collooney Harps 2-06St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-07
    1964Curry 1-14Keash St. Kevin's 2-05
    1963Ballisodare/St. Patrick's 1-08, 2-10 (R)Craobh Rua 2-05, 1-05 (R)
    1962Ballisodare/St. Patrick's 2-06Sooey 3-02
    1961Ballisodare 2-03Curry 0-03
    1960Ballisodare 1-08Tourlestrane 1-00
    1959Sooey 1-08Curry 1-03
    1958Mullinabreena 1-12Sooey 1-08
    1957Tubbercurry 3-04Ballisodare 1-01
    1956Tourlestrane 4-01Tubbercurry 0-06
    1955Tubbercurry 1-05Tourlestrane 0-04
    1954Craobh Rua 1-06Tubbercurry 0-03
    1953Craobh Rua 1-10Keash 1-03
    1952Croabh Rua 1-07Tubbercurry 1-04
    1951Tubbercurry 1-05Easkey 1-04
    1950Tubbercurry 5-05Easkey 2-02
    1949Sooey 1-11Easkey 2-00
    1948Ballymote Round Towers 2-01Skreen 1-01
    1947Skreen 1-01Easkey 1-00
    1946Tubbercurry 2-03Coolera 0-03
    1945Skreen 2-05Tubbercurry 0-03
    1944Craobh Rua 5-06Tourlestrane 1-03
    1943Collooney Harps 2-06Knockalassa 1-04
    1942Collooney Harps 2-04Easkey Sea Blues 2-02
    1941Easkey Sea Blues 1-01Knockalassa 0-03
    1940Tubbercurry (awarded title)Easkey Sea Blues
    1939Tubbercurry 2-07Coolera 0-05
    1938Tubbercurry 0-08Coolera 1-04
    1937Easkey Sea Blues 3-05Derroon 1-05
    1936Easkey Sea Blues 3-01Derroon 0-04
    1935Easkey Sea Blues 0-02 (won on objection)Knockalassa 2-02
    1934Tubbercurry 2-04Skreen Emmets 1-02
    1933Knocklassa 0-07Kilglass 0-01
    1932Ballisodare 4-08Curry 0-02
    1931Ballisodare 3-06Tubbercurry 0-01
    1930Tubbercurry 4-07Kilglass 2-06
    1929Kilglass 3-03Tubbercurry 0-03
    1928Tubbercurry 4-03Dromore West 1-02
    1927Tubbercurry (scores unrecorded)Collooney Harps
    1926Competition abandoned
    1925Ballymote Round Towers (awarded title)N/A
    1924Tubbercurry 4-01, 4-02 (R)Gurteen 0-02, 0-00 (R)
    1923No competition
    1922Curry 2-7Tubbercurry 0-0
    1921No competition
    1920Competition abandoned
    1919Moylough 1-04Doocastle 0-00
    1918Tubbercurry (awarded title)Moylough
    1917Tubbercurry (awarded title)Coolera
    1916Enniscrone 0-01, 1-03 (R)Doocastle 0-01, 0-02 (R)
    1915Knockalassa 0-02 (won on objection)Derroon 1-00
    1914Enniscrone 1-1 (won on objection)Ballymote 1-2
    1913Ballymote Round Towers 1-3Enniscrone 1-2
    1912No competition
    1911Not completed
    1910Sligo Wanderers 2-2Easkey 1-2
    1909Sligo Wanderers 1-4Gurteen 0-1
    1908No competition
    1907Coolera 1-1Easkey 0-2
    1906Gurteen 0-18Sligo Celtics 0-1
    1905Ballymote Round Towers 2-5Gurteen 0-3
    1893–1904No championship
    1892Ballymote Round Towers 0-3Achonry Davitts 0-1
    1891Bunninadden 0-05Strandhill 0-02
    1890Tubbercurry 0-05Sooey 0-01
    1889Curry 0-04Sooey 0-03
    1888Sligo Emmets 1-01, 3-03 (R)Ballintogher 0-01, 0-01 (R)

Sligo Intermediate Football Championship

Roll of honour
2010Easkey 0-13Drumcliffe/Rosses-Point 1-8
2009Geevagh 1-8Bunninadden 1-7
2008St. Molaise Gaels 1-5, 1-11 (AET)(R)Coolaney/Mullinabreena 0-8, 0-13 (AET)(R)
2007St. Farnan's 2-19St. Michael's 0-7
2006Geevagh 0-17St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-10
2005Coolaney/Mullinabreena 2-6, 1-10 (R)Eastern Harps 0-12, 0-7 (R)
2004Calry/St. Joseph's 0-12, 2-6 (R)Coolaney/Mullinabreena 2-6, 1-7 (R)
2003Ballymote 0-15Eastern Harps 0-8
2002St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-9Ballymote 0-11
2001Grange/Cliffoney 1-12Geevagh 0-5
2000St. John's 0-12St. Patrick's, Dromard 2-4
1999Geevagh 0-15, 4-9 (R)St. Michael's 2-9, 2-7 (R)
1998Castleconnor 2-10Grange/Cliffoney 0-8
1997Cloonacool 1-11St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-4
1996Ballymote 2-12Mullinabreena/Coolaney 0-11
1995Coolera/Strandhill 3-8St. John's 2-7
1994Grange/Cliffoney 3-7St. Farnan's 1-6
1993Ballymote 0-10St. John's 0-6
1992Drumcliffe/Rosses Point 0-9Mullinabreena/Coolaney 0-5
1991Enniscrone 0-13Drumcliffe/Rosses Point 2-6
1990Easkey 0-13Calry/St. Joseph's 0-7
1989Coolera/Strandhill 1-9St. Farnan's 0-6
1988Tourlestrane 0-14Calry/St. Joseph's 2-3
1987Easkey 2-10Owenmore Gaels 0-7
1986Geevagh 1-9Enniscrone 0-9
1985Shamrock Gaels 1-6Enniscrone 0-4
1984Geevagh 5-10Shamrock Gaels 0-4
1983Eastern Harps 2-7Bunninadden 0-6
1982Easkey 3-5Castleconnor 2-5
1981Grange 1-7, 2-4 (R)Castleconnor 1-7, 0-7 (R)
1980Curry 0-11Owenmore Gaels 2-2
1979Shamrock Gaels 3-9Owenmore Gaels 1-2

Sligo Junior Football Championship

Roll of honour

2010St.Patrick's 1-9Curry 1-6
2009Ballisodare 0-12Shamrock Gaels 0-11
2008Bunninadden 1-10Shamrock Gaels 0-5
2007Coolera/Strandhill 1-12Tubbercurry 2-7
2006Drumcliffe/Rosses Point 1-6, 2-9 (R)Castleconnor 1-6, 1-7 (R)
2005St. Farnan's 1-10Bunninadden 1-8
2004Tourlestrane 2-7Shamrock Gaels 0-10
2003Bunninadden 3-17Castleconnor 2-10
2002Castleconnor 1-15, 0-12 (R)Bunninadden 3-9, 0-9 (R)
2001Grange/Cliffoney 0-14Eastern Harps 1-7
2000St. Mary's 2-7Ballisodare 1-9
1999St. John's 0-15Maugherow 2-4
1998Geevagh 1-14Maugherow 2-5
1997St. Farnan's 1-15Maugherow 2-11
1996St. Mary's 2-13Shamrock Gaels 2-1
1995Tubbercurry 1-5Shamrock Gaels 0-6
1994Eastern Harps 2-10Drumcliffe/Rosses Point 2-7
1993St. Mary's 4-6Eastern Harps 1-13
1992St. Michael's 3-6, 0-13 (R)Tubbercurry 1-12, 1-5 (R)
1991Maugherow 2-11St. Michael's 1-11
1990Drumcliffe/Rosses Point 2-10Maugherow 1-8
1989St. John's 0-14Cliffoney 1-9
1988Mullinabreena 1-9Ballymote 1-6
1987Calry/St. Joseph's 3-8Ballymote 1-4
1986Tourlestrane 0-11Maugherow 0-9
1985Castleconnor 2-6St. Mary's 0-6
1984Mullinabreena 0-10Calry Gaels 0-5
1983St. Farnan's 1-10Calry Gaels 2-0
1982Northern Gaels 1-10St. Farnan's 1-8
1981Geevagh 2-6Tourlestrane 0-1
1980Castleconnor 0-9Tourlestrane 1-3
1979Bunninadden 1-7Castleconnor 0-3
1978Carraroe 3-5Tourlestrane 0-6
1977Easkey 3-8Tourlestrane 0-1
1976Calry Gaels 1-9Easkey 0-7
1973Bunninadden 3-2Grange 1-7
1972St. Farnan's 0-13Craobh Rua 0-7
1971Coolera 2-10St. Farnan's 1-2
1970Keash 2-7Coolera 0-6
1969Grange 2-8Knockalassa 1-5
1968Mullinabreena 0-7Knockalassa 0-3
1967St. Patrick's, DromardKeash
1964St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-8Easkey 2-2
1963Bunninadden 1-8Cliffoney 1-4
1962Collooney Harps 2-7St. Patrick's, Dromard 1-6
1961Keash 2-6 (R)Coolera 0-2 (R)
1960Easkey 2-9Keash 0-2
1958Drumcliffe 1-6Tubbercurry 0-1
1957Mullinabreena 2-5Easkey 2-4
1954Tourlestrane 0-6Mental Hospital 0-4
1951Knockalassa 2-2Dromard 1-2
1950Skreen 1-4Keash 1-3
1946TourlestraneCollooney Harps
1945Derroon 3-3Templeboy 0-5
1944Gurteen 1-9Dromore West 1-2
1943Templeboy 0-3Killoran 0-2
1942Keash 1-5Dromore West 1-4
1941Maugherow 4-6Gurteen 1-7
1940Skreen 2-7Geevagh 1-3
1937Teeling 1-8Gurteen 1-6
1936Geevagh 2-5Teeling 2-4
1930Collooney HarpsCurry
1929Curry 2-3Ballisodare 1-2
1928Skreen EmeraldsBallyrush
1926Competition abandoned
1925BallyrushBallymote Round Towers
1924Dromore WestCollooney Harps
1923No competition
1922No competition
1921No competition
1920No competition
1918Dromore WestSligo
1915No competition
1914No competition
1913No competition
1912No competition
1911No competition
1909Not completed
1908No competition